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Maximize your exposure to students, parents and teachers when you advertise with Tutor Index. For less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee, you can connect with thousands of individuals who are searching for tutors.  Rates start at just $50 for six months or $75 for one year.  At such low prices, your advertising costs will be paid for with a single new client.

When you advertise with Tutor Index, you gain access to people who are actively searching for the services you provide. We engage in many forms of online marketing to promote our directory and increase our visibility online. We are recognized by major search engines as a valuable tool that connects students, parents and teachers with American tutors. 

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Advertising Options

Tutor Index offers two different advertising options—Directory Listings and Panel Ads. Each offers a different level of exposure. Choose one to help promote your services or try them together to gain maximum visibility for your business. Discounts are available for both types of advertisements. A description and example of each are listed below.

Directory Listings

Directory listings are included in our searchable database on the center panel of the website, allowing parents, students and teachers to find you quickly. They consist of the cities where your services are offered; your rates; the subject areas and grade levels you tutor; a description of your services; a personal profile image; and a contact button, so prospective clients can reach you.
Create a Basic Directory Listing for FREE or choose a Premium Directory Listing for a modest fee.  All listings are organized by closest proximity to the user’s zip code.  But Premium Directory Listings provide greater visibility because they are posted at the top of the page, followed by the Basic Directory Listings. Premium listings will also allow you to receive access to our list of students who are looking for a tutor. 

Directory listing USA

Panel Advertisements

Panel Ads are displayed on the side panels throughout our website and provide the most visibility for your business. Choose from three types of Panel Ads offering varying levels of exposure - city, state or national. City Panel Ads are visible on the web pages related to a particular city, while State Panel Ads are visible on the web pages related to a particular state. National Panel Ads appear on every Tutor Index web page. Select the one that's right for your business based on the level of visibility you need.

Panel Advertisements are rotated throughout the site to ensure advertisers receive equal exposure. They can be linked to your website, tutor profile page or directory listing, making it easy for potential clients to learn more about the services you offer. Provide your own design or have us create one for you at no charge.

Panel advertisement


Advertising Rates

Basic Directory Listing:
$0 USD
Premium Directory Listing for 6 Months:
$50 USD
Premium Directory Listing for 1 Year:
$75 USD
City Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$50 USD
City Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$75 USD
Provincial Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$150 USD
Provincial Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$225 USD
National Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$450 USD
National Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$675 USD

Multiple City Discounts

2 to 5 Cities
10% Off
6 or More Cities
20% Off


Register Today to Advertise Your Business

You must register with Tutor Index to advertise your business. Sign up now to receive 24/7 access to our user-friendly system that lets you create, edit and delete ads.  

All advertisements must be approved before they are posted to the site. This process can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email confirmation from us when your ad has been approved.  

After your advertisement is accepted, Tutor Index's online tracking system lets you monitor how many leads you receive. Track the number of potential clients who email you or click on your panel ad.

There are no long-term commitments when you advertise with Tutor Index. If you decide to discontinue your ad, you can cancel at any time.