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Where Should I Conduct Tutoring Sessions?

October 13, 2014

Four places tutors can conduct sessions with students.

After making the decision to become a tutor, you need to decide where you want to conduct your tutoring sessions.  It’s important to find a location that is easy and convenient for you and your students.  And you need to make sure the place you choose is conducive to holding a session.  You want to select somewhere that is quiet, free of distractions and accessible to both of you.  Below are a few locations where you might consider tutoring your students.

Your Clients’ Homes

This is undoubtedly the most convenient option for your students.  They don’t have to worry about arranging transportation to meet you anywhere, and they are in an environment where they feel comfortable.  If you choose to tutor your students in their homes, make sure you choose an area that is quiet and free of distractions like the phone, television and other family members who can interrupt you.  When you work in a student’s home they have all of the assignments and books they need at their fingertips, so you don’t have to worry about them forgetting to bring any of the materials they need for a productive tutoring session.


Public libraries are another good place to tutor your clients.  Libraries are quiet and they often have private study rooms where you can work.  They are conveniently located in many neighborhoods, making it easy for both you and your students to access.  In addition, if you conduct your tutoring sessions in a library, you will have access to computers with the Internet for research as well as books, magazines and other resource material that may be beneficial to your students as they complete their assignments.

Your Office

If you tutor for an organization that has storefront locations or you have your own office space, you may want to have your students come to you.  If you choose this option, make sure the office is located in an area that is convenient for your students to access.  You don’t want them to have to travel too far to get to you as transportation issues may be a concern for some of your clients. If going to your office isn’t a practical option for some of your students, consider going to their house or choosing a location that is closer to where they live or go to school, so they don’t have to travel very far.

Coffee Shop

Local cafes and coffee shops are another place you may choose to tutor your students.  They tend to be relatively quiet except at mealtimes, and many have wireless Internet access you and your students can take advantage of if you have a laptop.  If this option works best for you and your clients choose to meet at a time when there won’t be a rush of people (i.e. not during meal times) and sit at a table in the back where foot traffic will be kept to a minimum.

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