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Tutoring Business: Get Ready for Back to School

March 14, 2016

Article discusses tutoring business and how to get ready for back to school.

With the first day of school just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for another school year.  If you’ve decided to make some changes to your tutoring business, now is the time to implement them.  The beginning of a school year provides opportunities that may not exist at other times during the year.  When school begins, students and parents are focused on getting off to a good start and making the most of the upcoming school year.  To take advantage of this renewed desire to succeed, you have to be prepared.

Create a Marketing Plan

Ensure you have a steady stream of clients throughout the school year by marketing your business now and continue to market yourself consistently.  Don’t stop marketing just because you have a full client roster.  It is unlikely every client you work with at the beginning of the year will still be a client at the end.  Academic needs change, families move and financial circumstances fluctuate, leading some clients to stop using your services.

If there are marketing activities that have been successful in the past, continue using them.  But also try one or two new activities to promote your tutoring business.  You may find some of the new strategies are even more successful than the old ones.

Establish Your Hours

One of the benefits of tutoring is the flexibility it offers.  But you need to be available when your students are to attract and keep clients.  Set your hours now for the school year, so students and parents know what to expect before they hire you.  If you publicize your hours, you’re less likely to receive calls from people who can’t work with you when you’re available.  This will save you time, so you can focus on attracting clients who can.

Decide Where You Will Tutor

It’s best to meet where it’s most convenient for your students.  Most of the time that means going to their house.  However, if you can’t conduct sessions at a client’s house, it’s important to have a back-up plan.  There are a variety of other places you can tutor, including local libraries, coffee shops and more.

Brush Up on Subject Matter

Everyone could use a refresher from time to time.  If you need to brush up on the curriculum for the subjects you tutor, do it now.  It will ensure you’re up to speed when school starts and clients start contacting you for help.


Establish a rate structure for your tutoring business.  Don’t price yourself out of the market, but don’t undersell your services either.  You can charge more for individual tutoring sessions rather than group sessions.  And advanced subjects like calculus and physics command higher rates than elementary math and reading.  You can also charge more as you gain more experience.  Set your rates so parents and students know what to expect.  Publishing your rates is another way to help qualify leads, so you receive inquiries from prospects who can afford your services.
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