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Turn Summer Vacation into a Time for Learning

September 13, 2013

Turn Summer Vacation into a Time for Learning

Just because your children are no longer sitting in a classroom everyday doesn’t mean they can’t learn.  Summer vacation provides the perfect opportunity to learn about things that can’t be taught in a classroom and reinforce those that are.  It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by car, train or plane, your kids will have plenty of chances to discover new things.

Car Rides
Whether you are visiting your favorite beach just a few hours away or planning a longer road trip, car rides provide great learning opportunities for the whole family.  The license plate game is one way you can teach your children about different locations within the United States.  Ask your kids to point out license plates from different states.  Each time they spot a new one, give them a mini geography lesson.  Talk about where the state is located, what the capital is, what important landmarks are located within that state, etc.

Puzzle Books
It doesn’t matter how you’re traveling or where you’re going, puzzle books are a great way to pass the time.  They are inexpensive and can easily be taken almost anywhere.  Puzzle books are a great way to keep kids occupied and help them brush up on key skills that are crucial to academic success without even realizing it.  Regardless of whether they are solving crossword puzzles or working through brainteasers, they will build critical thinking, vocabulary, reading comprehension and problem solving skills.

History/Cultural Activities
Regardless of whether you are traveling locally or abroad, there are many ways you can incorporate historical and cultural lessons into your vacation.  Many locations with significant landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore offer guided tours of the area, where you can learn additional information and ask questions of the tour guides.  Museums are another great way to teach your children lessons about history and other cultures.  No matter where you are traveling or what you are seeing, experiencing it in person will have a greater impact on your kids than the lessons they learn in the classroom. 

Create a Scrapbook or Journal
If you are taking the time to go on vacation this summer, a great way to get your kids excited about your trip is to have them help preserve the memories you make during your time away by creating a scrapbook or journal.  Whether you are taking a short trip to the beach or an extended vacation overseas, taking photos, collecting mementos and writing about their experiences is a fun way to encourage their creativity and sharpen their writing skills.  When they are finished, your children will have a record of their adventures that they can share with their friends and keep for years to come.

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