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The Benefits of Study Groups

December 17, 2012

Learn about the benefits of study groups.

If you want to earn good grades, you need to study.  But, studying can be lonely and boring.  If you’re like many students, you probably look for any excuse not to study, which can have a negative impact on your grades.  However, working with a study group can provide the support system you need to stop procrastinating and stay on track.  Here are six benefits of participating in a study group.

Do you wait until the last minute to start studying?  Are you easily distracted when you do finally sit down to crack open the books?  Study groups can help eliminate procrastination by holding you accountable for learning the material that will be covered on an exam. 

When you are part of a study group, you know other people are counting on you to show up at a certain place and time.  Having a set schedule and classmates who rely on you can give you the extra push you need to focus on your schoolwork.

Support and Motivation
Motivating yourself to study can be difficult if you are sitting in your house alone.  When you study with a group, your group members can provide the support and encouragement you need to stay motivated, even when you want to give up.

Fill in the Gaps
Even if you have been diligently taking notes during each class, it can be difficult to capture all of the concepts your teacher has reviewed.  When you study with other students, they can help fill in the gaps.  There’s a good chance they picked up on something you didn’t and vice versa.

New Study Strategies
Study habits develop at an early age, and chances are you’ve been using the same strategies and techniques for years.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’ve been earning good grades.  However, it’s possible you could be missing out on even more effective ways to study.  When you participate in a study group, you can learn new techniques from other students.  At the same time, you can help other students improve their study skills by teaching strategies that have worked for you.

Learn From Others
If you study alone, you have only yourself, your notes and your books to rely on.  But when you study with other students, you can work together to learn.  Bouncing ideas off of each other and discussing complex concepts can help you develop a greater understanding of the material that was covered in class.

Teach Others
An important part of participating in a study group is helping other students understand concepts with which they are struggling.  Explaining the material you understand to other students will help reinforce what you have learned in class, so you can be even more prepared on exam day.

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