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Six Reasons You Should Consider Summer School

June 17, 2013

Article provides six reasons why students should consider summer school.

When the dismissal bell rings for the last time, school is the last thing on the minds of most students who are making plans for their upcoming summer vacation.  But for students who struggled in class, summer school may take the place of long days by the pool.  While summer classes are invaluable to students who didn’t make the grade during the regular school year, they can benefit all students who want to excel in school.  Below are six reasons you may want to consider taking a class during the summer.

Students Stay on Track With Classmates
Students who fail a class that is required to advance to the next grade or graduate must take the class again and earn a passing grade before they will be allowed to move on.  By re-taking the class during the summer, students don’t have to take it again during the regular school year, allowing them to stay on track with their classmates. 

Students Get an In-Depth Review of the Subject
Summer school classes are much shorter than courses offered during the regular school year.  Regardless of whether a student is struggling in a particular area or not, the concentrated curriculum gives students an opportunity to get an in-depth review of a particular subject.  Students of all ability levels can benefit from this type of intense learning experience.

Students Take One Class at a Time
Students who enroll in summer school only have to take one class at a time, giving them an opportunity to focus all of their time and energy on that one class.  When students don’t have to balance the demands of taking multiple classes at once, it can be easier to learn new concepts.

Students Keep Their Skills Sharp
While lazy days in the sun may sound like the stuff dreams are made of, they do have a downside.  During the summer months, it’s easy for students to forget some of what they learned during the school year.  Taking classes during the summer helps students keep valuable reading comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving skills sharp for the upcoming school year.

Students Get More Individualized Attention
During the school year, it can be difficult for teachers to give each student the one-on-one attention they need.  But, summer school classes are usually smaller, giving instructors an opportunity to spend more time with each student.  This can be especially valuable for students who need individualized instruction to succeed.

Summer School Eliminates Scheduling Conflicts
Schools typically only offer classes at one or two different times during the day.  Students who want to take two classes that are offered at the same time are often required to choose between the two.  But students who take one of the courses during the summer can take all of the classes they are interested in, while freeing up time in their schedule for the regular school year.

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