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NASA's Extraordinary Youth Projects

April 28, 2017

The space agency's little-known educational programs are well worth exploring

America’s space agency, NASA, will of course go down in history as the organization that put the first humans on the moon, sent probes to Mars, Jupiter and beyond, and led the international coalition that built the International Space Station (ISS), among many other extraordinary achievements. But far less well known are its amazing educational programs, often involving college students, high schoolers and even kindergarten-aged kids.


In just one example, the agency has a program called High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH), in which high schoolers create machines and technology for actual use in space. For instance one team of students in New Jersey created a locker that will end up on the ISS:


The HUNCH Locker will provide containment for

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Supreme Court Ruling Will Impact Special Needs Students

March 31, 2017

The nation's highest court has redefined how public schools should educate students with exceptionalities

The United States Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that could very well impact learning for disabled students across America. Currently, the law requires equal access, but not equal outcomes. Standard practice, therefore, leads schools to do little more than go through the motions when it comes to educating students with challenging disabilities. Parents of these students are left with few options -- either keep them in school where they are unlikely to get a proper education, or opt for costly private options.


The justices of the court, however, unanimously found that public schools must to better. This could potentially impact the lives of thousands of parents from coast to coast:


“The fact that it’s unanimous shows we know a lot more about educating kid

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Keeping Your Youngster Organized for School

March 17, 2017

Of all the educational skills needed for success, organization is perhaps the most important

Doing well in school takes hard work. There are just so many skills involved. You have to know how to study, how to write papers, how to take notes -- the list is mighty long. But one skill that often gets overlooked is organization; just keeping everything properly sorted.


The good folks at WikiHow created a detailed how-to guide that will help every student. How detailed? Very detailed! It even includes a section on keeping one’s locker organized:


Clean out your locker. If you have a locker, it may get messy. See if the school will allow you to bring in a shelf. That way, you can put books, extra papers or supplies on one and keep them away from your other things. But before you install that shelf, rip up all the papers you don't need so they won't be copied

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Tips For High School Volunteering

March 2, 2017

There might be more high school volunteering options than you realize

It’s not at all unusual for high schoolers to volunteer their time in their community. It’s a great way to contribute positively to the world, not to mention meet new people and explore career options. And of course it also looks great on a college application. But there can be so much more to volunteering than most people realize.


Just looking at the federal government, there are a great many volunteer possibilities. You can receive disaster training from FEMA, or at your local VA, or even with the Secret Service. There’s a handy search engine to help find opportunities.


Many professional associations, such as the American Dental Association or the many medical associations related to faith, speciality or local community, have opportunities. You can volun

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Are video games bad for kids?

February 2, 2017

Video games are incredibly popular, but are they harmful? Researchers still aren't sure.

It’s a debate that’s been around ever since the first home gaming consoles began to appear in the 1970s. Before that, people worried whether pinball was destroying the lives of young people (although it’s a bit hard to take that one too seriously today).


For as long as folks have been gaming and other folks have been worrying about the effects of those games on the brains of youngsters, psychologists and others have been studying the issue. In other words, we now have around 40 years of research to paint a picture of just what’s going on.


Sadly, the picture, even after all these years, remains mixed, which itself is pretty interesting. The truth is, both positive and negative effects of gaming have been found. However, while there are known negative

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Dyslexia - Early Detection for Tutors

January 3, 2017

Teachers can be some of the first to spot dyslexia in early readers

Do you suspect that one of your students is dyslexic? In their Blog 10 Things About Dyslexia Every Teacher Should Know, We Are Teachers said the following: 

When bright students continue to make the same mistakes over several days, and they can’t seem to make a connection between sounds and letters, a red flag often goes up for teachers. Nelson emphasizes that teachers have a very important role because they’re on the front lines when it comes to identifying dyslexia. She says teachers should follow their gut when it comes to screening students for dyslexia. When you see them struggling to remember sound-symbol combinations, Nelson advises, it’s time to take action. Children are generally diagnosed when they learn to read, in kindergarten or first grade, but if you

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Math Dyslexia: How A Tutor Can Help

November 17, 2016

There are several important ways in which a qualified tutor can help a student overcome math dyslexia. Find your perfect tutor on Tutor Index.

Good news! Your math dyslexia can be transformed from a learning disability into a learning super-ability! With the right math tutor, you can gain the type of proficiency in mathematics you’ve always dreamed about. There are several important ways in which a qualified tutor can help a student overcome math dyslexia.


Math dyslexia: Overcome fear of math


First and most importantly, a math tutor can help students overcome their fear of learning math. What happens most often with students suffering from math dyslexia is that they become convinced that they are “not good at math,” or even worse, “I’ll never learn math.” This sets up a negative feedback cycle. Every time a student has trouble with math, it sends a negative feedback signal t

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Private Tutor Vs. Learning Center – Which Is Right For You?

September 22, 2016

Learn about some of the most important differences between a private tutor (home tutor) and learning centers. Register to find your perfect tutor today!

Private tutor vs learning center

The decision to get supplementary tutoring and education for your child can be a challenging one. With so many services and options, sometimes parents can be overwhelmed and don’t know exactly which the best option for their student is.
While private tutors (home tutors) and learning centers both aim to achieve the same goal, the services and methodologies are different, so the best option depends on the student’s particular situation and challenges.
Here are some of the most important differences between a private tutor (home tutor) and learning centers:

Private tutor (home tutor):

One of the main advantages of a home tutor is the convenience. In this service, the tutoring session occurs at the convenience of the family at their home or at a library.
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Benefits of High School Tutoring

September 1, 2016

High school tutoring has many benefits. Tutoring will help students to be prepared throughout high school and into college. Use Tutor Index to solve all your High School Tutoring needs.

High School Tutoring

High school tutoring has many benefits. Not only does tutoring help students to learn about different subjects, it also prepares them for the challenges they will face in the future by helping with interpersonal skills. This will help them to be prepared throughout high school and into college. 

A student can undoubtedly learn more and at a faster pace when he/she has one-on-one tutoring in high school. And for most students who have had tutors, they can still remember them as mentors and people who have had a tremendous influence on their lives. 

The main benefits of high school tutoring include: 

#1: Tutoring helps boost academic skills:

The most immediate and well-known benefit of high school tutoring is to help students improve their grades. This will allow them to... Read full article
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Benefits of Getting Homework Help from a Tutor

August 15, 2016

Most students need homework help sooner or later. Here are the benefits of getting homework help from a tutor. Register and get started today with Tutor Index.

homework help

Most students need homework help sooner or later. And most parents try to help their child complete their homework but often sometimes dread it or quite frankly are just not good at helping. Some parents lack the knowledge or the time to be able to help their children with algebra or literature homework, therefore, tutors can be the best help possible.
A good tutor can have a tremendous impact on a student’s grades and that’s why more and more students are using tutors for homework help and to speed up their learning curve.
With colleges getting more and more competitive, it is important for students to obtain good grades to get into the college of their choice. If a student starts to get behind on the homework and concepts, it might be hard to recover and to ge... Read full article
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