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How to Start Your Scholarship Search

October 13, 2016

Learn How to Start Your Scholarship Search. There are scholarships available from many organizations - here are some ideas to get you started.

scholarship search

The high cost of higher education can put it out of reach for many families. The costs of studying in many colleges or universities can easily exceed all the savings of parents and families. Therefore, it is in the best interest of every student and their parents to look out for potential scholarships, which can really help brighten a student’s financial picture.


There are scholarships available from many organizations. For example, various commercial companies run their own scholarship programs as part of their brand promotion efforts. Also, most schools and colleges offer scholarships to top students, to enable them to continue their higher education at their college. There are also scholarships available through clubs and charitable organizations in many communities.


Search for scholarship announcements in newspapers – Newspapers often get overlooked when searching for scholarships. However, papers are worth checking, because you might well find scholarships offered by clubs or charities in your local area.


Check the internet for scholarship programs – There are many websites that curate lists of scholarships. These websites offer free services for online scholarship search, so that students can apply to as many scholarships as they choose.  These often include scholarships available from large corporations.


Compete in essay writing contests – There are many private scholarships offered to the winners of essay competitions, which are conducted by a variety of organizations. These scholarships are often overlooked because they don’t offer as much money as other scholarships, but a number of smaller scholarships can add up to substantial help in getting through college.


Get involved in extracurricular activities – There are many scholarships awarded to students for winning different kinds of competitions in a broad range of activities from drawing to elocution, debate, recitation and various quizzes. Hence, parents should encourage their children to actively participate in all types of competitions in school. Of course one of the biggest and well-known types are scholarships are for athletes. There are many of these available to students and can include a full or partial ride to college.

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