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How Do I Know if I Need a Tutor?

June 15, 2012

Students and parents learn how to tell if they need a tutor.

When a student struggles in school, their academic performance isn’t the only thing that suffers.  Students who fall behind in class often become discouraged and lose confidence in their ability to succeed.  At times like these, parents and students frequently turn to private tutors for individual instruction to help raise test scores, improve grades and boost confidence. 

But the truth is there are many good reasons to hire a tutor even if you are not struggling in school. The following is a list of ways a tutor can enhance your learning experience.

You want extra help with a specific project.
Whether you are preparing for the upcoming science fair or you want some extra inspiration for your next research paper, a tutor can provide the guidance you need to successfully complete your assignment.   Large, complex tasks require more planning and effort than the homework teachers assign on a daily basis.  A tutor can help you divide complicated projects into a series of smaller milestones to make the assignment more manageable and ensure you complete it on time.

You need extra motivation.
Even the most successful students sometimes need a little extra motivation.  When your usual drive to succeed is replaced with an indifference to learning, it may be time to call a tutor.  A tutor can provide the one on one attention you need to get back on track when you are having difficulty staying focused on achieving your academic goals. 

You aren’t being challenged.
Hiring a tutor probably seems like a logical step if you are struggling in school.  But if you’re getting good grades, it may not be an obvious choice.  However, even if you are exceling in school you can benefit from private tutoring services.  Tutors provide enrichment in subjects that are not challenging to supplement what you are learning in the classroom and help you stay engaged.

You are preparing for the SATs.
The SATs are a requirement for nearly every college-bound high school student.  Successfully completing the exam requires preparation and practice.  One-on-one coaching with a private tutor will help you improve your vocabulary, brush up on your math skills and fine tune your writing ability, so you can maximize your score.  A tutor will also review the test format and practice SAT questions with you, so you will feel confident on the day of the exam.

You need help with your college applications.
The SATs are just one piece of the college application puzzle.  Most colleges and universities also require applicants to submit an admission essay, and many require students to interview as part of the application process.  A tutor can help you write a thoughtful essay that showcases your readiness for college and help you polish your interview skills to ensure you make a great first impression.


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