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Four Ways You Can Encourage Your Child to Read

November 17, 2014

Articles teaches parents four ways they can encourage their child to read.

Some children love to read from an early age, while others need some encouragement to pick up a book.  Regardless of whether your child is a natural reader or needs a little extra push, it is important to help your child develop good reading habits.  If you can teach your child to enjoy reading when they are young, it is something they will likely continue to enjoy as they grow up.  Here are four tips for teaching your child how much fun reading can be.

Read With Your Child

Make reading part of your child’s daily routine at a very young age, even before they begin talking.  When you incorporate reading into your child’s day, they will think of it as a natural part of their routine, rather than another chore they have to check off their list.  In addition, listening to you read will expose them to words they may not hear on a regular basis, which will help increase their vocabulary.  The sooner you begin reading to your child, the more likely they are to enjoy it.  If your child is older, choose a book both of you can read, and discuss it when you’re finished.

Let Your Child See You Read

Children learn by watching their parents, so set a good example by letting them see you read.  Kids want to be like their parents, so seeing you pick up a book will encourage your children to read.  Furthermore, when you show your children that you enjoy reading, they’re more likely to think of it as an enjoyable activity too.

Story Time at the Library

Nearly all public libraries offer story time for young children.  If your child is within this age group, take them to the library for story time.  These scheduled activities usually incorporate music, puppets, props and other fun “extras” that will enhance your child’s experience.  In addition, your child will also get a chance to interact with other children their age.  When they see other kids who are participating in story time, they’ll want to participate too.

Sign Your Child up for a Book Club

If your child is a little bit older, consider signing them up for a book club.  Many public libraries and local bookstores offer book clubs for children as young as middle school.  These groups usually meet once a month, so the amount of reading required is manageable.  You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed with how much they have to read as this can actually discourage your child from reading.  Also, make sure you choose a group that is age appropriate, so your child feels comfortable speaking up at the book club meetings.  Participating in a book club will expose your child to a variety of different books, some of which they might not choose to read on their own, and it will help improve your child’s vocabulary, reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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