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Five Ways Parents Can Get Involved at School

March 15, 2012

Learn about five ways parents can get involved at school to help their child succeed!

Parental involvement is critical to children’s success in school at any age.  However, as children get older, it’s common for parental involvement to decline.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are five ways parents can play an active role in their child’s academic success at any age. 

Parent Teacher Conferences
All schools and grade levels have parent-teacher conferences several times throughout the school year.  These meetings give parents a chance to speak to their child’s teachers and learn more about what their child is being taught in the classroom.  Teachers can also tell provide insight about things that may not be reflected in test scores or homework assignments, such as the child’s behavior, classroom participation or leadership skills.  At the same time, these conferences are a great opportunity for parents to speak with teachers about external factors that may be influencing their child’s performance in the classroom.

Most schools have a variety of volunteer opportunities that give parents a chance to get involved, including field trips, classroom activities, school events, committees and more.  Every opportunity requires a different time commitment, but with so many to choose from, parents can find one that fits into their schedule.

Talk to Your Kids
It may seem like a no-brainer, but in today’s busy world, talking to your kids can be more difficult than it sounds.  However, something as simple as asking your children how their day was and what they learned can offer great insight into how things are going at school.  Knowing you’re interested in what they’re learning and how they are performing can keep kids motivated to study hard and earn good grades.  Furthermore, finding out about what they like and don’t like, and subjects where they excel or struggle can help you identify areas where your child may need extra help, so you can prevent problems before they begin.

Provide Enrichment
A great way for parents to stay involved is to reinforce what their children are learning in school at home.  One way you can do this is by providing enrichment activities based on what your child is studying in school.  For example, if your child is learning about American history in Social Studies class, you could take him/her to a museum that has an exhibit related to what he/she is studying.

Read With Your Children
Many parents read to their children when they are young, but as their kids get older, reading usually takes a backseat to other activities.  If you have young children, spend some time everyday reading a few of their favorite books to them.  That bedtime story doesn’t just have to be a stall tactic.  It can also be a learning opportunity for both you and your child.  As your children get older, keep the tradition of reading alive by choosing a book you both want to read and discussing it after you have finished.

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