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Creating a Marketing Plan for Tutors

January 18, 2016

Article lists five steps for creating a marketing plan for your tutoring business.

Marketing isn’t just for large companies.  If you want to be a tutor, you need clients.  Unless you have a large network of referrals, you’ll need to do some marketing to attract those clients.  But creating a marketing plan for your tutoring business doesn’t have to take months of planning and result in a 50-page document you’ll never refer to again.  A couple of pages are all you need.  And if you don’t want to write anything down, that’s okay too.  But taking the time to think about the information listed below will help you develop a plan to reach your target market.

Service Analysis

This one may seem obvious.  But it’s not enough just to say you’re a tutor.  Be as specific as possible about the services you offer, including what subjects and what grade levels you tutor.  If you need additional education or training, take the necessary steps to get it.  In addition to identifying the services you provide, be sure to think about what the benefits of those services are as well as the advantages and disadvantages you have over other tutors.  This will be important when you have finished creating a marketing plan and are ready to implement your campaign.

Market Analysis

Conduct an analysis of the market conditions in your area.  This includes identifying and analyzing your target client base.  Learning as much as you can about the students you want to tutor as well as their parents will help you identify the best way to approach them.  In addition, research the competition.  Do most tutors in your area work on their own or are they part of a larger tutoring business?  What can you offer your clients that others can’t?

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is comprised of elements such as how you want to be perceived by your target market.  What is your unique selling proposition?  What sets you apart from the competition and how do you want your target market to perceive you?  You will also need to set a budget for your marketing activities.  This can either be done on a monthly or annual basis.

Marketing Techniques

This is what most people think of when they think about creating a marketing plan.  These are the tactics you will use to let people know about your services.  Whether you use direct mail, email, the Internet or some other method, the goal of these techniques is to get prospective clients to contact you to learn more about the services you provide.  It will be during that contact that you will have a chance to convince them to hire you as their tutor.


Your marketing plan should be a fluid document.  Lots of things can change that affect the success of your business, including the services you offer, your competition, the students in your area and much more.  So, it is important that you continually monitor, evaluate and adjust your marketing efforts as necessary.  Creating a marketing plan isn’t something you’re supposed to do once and forget about.  If a tactic isn’t working, don’t be afraid to modify it or try something completely new.
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