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Changes In the Works For Standardized Testing

February 16, 2017

Standardized testing is almost universal in America, but moves are afoot to gradually phase it out in favor of the ACT and SAT

Standardized testing has become almost universal in public schools from coast to coast as school boards have sought to find ways of ensuring teachers and learners are getting the biggest bang for their educational buck. It has created problems, however, as testing can often crowd learning time out of the classroom.


Various alternatives pop up from time to time, but as with all educational reforms change happens slowly. An interesting idea, however, is slowly gaining momentum in Florida -- replacing state-based standardized tests with the ACT or SAT exams.


Key state senators have said this year they plan to push a bill — though it isn’t filed yet — to reduce testing in public schools. Their proposal, they said, likely would allow a swap of the ACT or SAT for some state exams.

Advocates of that swap, which Seminole educators dubbed the “Sunshine Solution,” said it would reduce the number of tests students take, among other benefits. That is because so many take the ACT or SAT already as Florida’s state universities require them for admission.

It’ still early days yet -- any real changes are likely to be preceded by lengthy studies -- but it does appear that change is on the horizon.
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