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Tech News: Microsoft Announces New Tech to Take On ChromeOS

September 28, 2017

Chromebooks have become almost universal in America's schools, but Microsoft is fighting back

Chromebooks have quietly grown in popularity, to the point where they dominate the education market, occupying approximately 60 percent of K-12 schools in the United States, with Apple and Microsoft dividing the remaining share. This is quite an accomplishment for the technology, which uses slim, low-priced and cloud-based devices to perform much of the work usually done on laptops for a fraction of the price.


Microsoft is fighting back, introducing its Windows 10 S operating system, a slimmed-down version of its latest OS designed to run on low-cost tablets and laptops. They have also made their Office 365 software available for the platform


Computer makers like Lenovo and Acer have already announced devices based on the Windows 10 S operating systems, at prices that are c

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Jim Henson Changed Education in America

September 15, 2017

There's a clear dividing line in the history of American education: before Henson and after Henson

Jim Henson’s muppets have been around for so long that we hardly think about them. However, the featured characters on Sesame Street opened up a new chapter in American education. Each episode was subjected to intensive research to find out how children reacted. These studies opened up new doors in offering ground-breaking educational content to youngsters:


In the show’s early years, the press and studies on Sesame Street‘s impact were overwhelmingly favorable. Early studies indicated that children who watched the show were better prepared for preschool. Critics noted that Sesame Street also advanced a social agenda. In an age when feminism was just emerging, the show featured women who worked in male-dominated fields such as construction. Before diversity became

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Houston Faces Massive Struggle to Reopen Schools

September 1, 2017

Houston's school system is faced with the daunting task of reopening schools after devastating floods

The catastrophic flooding that recently struck Houston, Texas will have a severe impact on the city’s school system. Not only have many students been evacuated, but a large number of schools have sustained storm and flood damage, while others are being used as emergency shelters. At the time of this writing, officials are not even sure when they will be able to begin the school year:


The nation's seventh largest district has just over 280 schools. Carranza says that it's hard to know how many suffered damage because some are still inaccessible due to floodwaters. District crews have been heading to schools — sometimes in boats — to check them out.


As of Tuesday, the district had been able to assess 75 campuses. About half had damage, ranging from m

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Education Publisher Facing Job Cuts

August 18, 2017

Facing an increasingly competitive marketplace, Pearson is announcing another round of layoffs

Education publisher Pearson is facing tough times, having just announced plans to lay off ten percent of its 32,000 workers worldwide. The announcement came after the previously-thriving US upper education division posted serious losses.


Despite the cuts, the company’s chief executive, John Fallon, has expressed optimism for the company’s future.


“People are confident about the year ahead,” he said. “They understand the challenges in the business over the next two or three years but are also excited by the opportunity. There is plenty of time to plan and prepare.”


Pearson has been hit hard by the rapid growth of digital textbooks, which has led to a major drop in demand for previously high-priced volumes.

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