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Subjects:ADD, Math

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Description: Test descrition 
Balance & Thrive Tutoring
Cities:Midland Park, Wyckoff

Rate:Contact Center

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ADD, Algebra, Dyslexia, Editing, English, GED, Geometry, Grammar, Learning Disability, Linguistics, Literature, Math, Proofreading, Reading, Special Needs, Spelling, State Test Preparation, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, Writing

Our experienced and compassionate staff create an environment that facilitates motivation to learn, academic skill building, and confidence. We specialize in students who struggle with learning disabilities and emotional issues. Our teachers develop academic plans for learning in collaboration with school personnel, parents and licensed mental health professionals.

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Intakes include Study Skills Assessment.
Executive functioning assessment available 
Individual & Small Group (Pending Sign-ups)
Teachers Specializing in Students with Learning Disabilities & Emotional Issues on Staff
Student Learning Recovery Tutoring and Therapy


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ADD, Dyslexia, English, Grammar, Handwriting, Learning Disability, Phonics, Reading, Special Needs, Test Preparation, Writing

Description: Does your child have learning problems? Problems learning to read? Come to us for your child's newest reading tutor!

STUDENT LEARNING RECOVERY TUTORING, combines specialized academic tutoring with learning skills therapy to help your child learn to read and read efficiently to learn.
We work with children and adults.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities
Help your child improve his or her reading skills with our effective academic tutoring. We offer a variety of programs and exercises to give your child the skills and confidence necessary to overcome his or her learning disabilities and disorders. Programs and exercises we utilize include:

Academic Phonics and Spelling
Specialized Reading Therapy
Dyslexia Treatment
Brain Skills Training
Vision Therapy

Specializing in: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Adhd and sensory disorders

Specializing in Reading and writing disorder treatment

I.E.P. and I.E.E. Students

Call Today for a free phone consultation to discuss your child's needs and our services and inquire about our Free Dyslexia Screening

Low Cost Evaluations. No Contracts!
Special needs and social studies tutor-certified teacher

Rate:25 per hour discounts available

Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ADD, American History, Composition, Computer, Dyslexia, Editing, English, European History, Geography, Grammar, History, Learning Disability, Literature, Political Science, Proofreading, Reading, Science, Special Needs, Spelling, State Test Preparation, Vocabulary, World History, Writing

Description: I am a certified teacher for k-12 special education and 6-12 social studies subjects. I would love to help your child get back on track or get ahead. I have found tutoring to be the most rewarding time I get to spend with students and see first hand how much growth they are capable of. I have a flexible schedule and rate. I have many of my own materials and am happy to work with different curriculums, including homeschooling. I am happy to work with most subjects and multiple subjects as well as just be a homework helper.
Private Las Vegas Tutors for Math, Science, Language & Arts
City:Las Vegas


Levels:Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ACT, ADD, AP, ASVAB, Accent Reduction, Accounting, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Advertising, Aerobics, Algebra, American History, Anatomy, Anthropology, Arabic, Art, Art History, AutoCAD, Ballroom Dancing, Baseball, Basketball, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Description: Private Las Vegas Tutors provides tutorial by Math tutors, Science tutors and English tutors in Las Vegas. Assists your child with private tuition & others Tutoring services

private las vegas tutors provide World Class private tutors that will come to your home to assist your child by designing an individualized tutorial program. Our tutors specialize in many subjects, including but not limited to, Basic Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, SAT test preparation, ACT test preparation, GED test preparation, GRE exam, High School Proficiency Exam (Writing, Science and Math), MCAT and LSAT. We come to your home and design an individual tutorial program that works around your schedule. Tutors are available Monday – Sunday at the time and date you choose!
Math / Chemistry/organic Tutor...high School/college...

Rate:$20 per HOUR

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ADD, Chemistry, Math, PSAT, Reading, Science, Spelling, Study Skills, Vocabulary

Description: MATH ; General Math K-8
CHEMISTRY: High School and College

I earned a BS in Chemistry in 1971.

I taught Chemistry at Oldham County High School from 1975 to 1981.

i taught Chemistry at Trinity High School from 1992 to 2008 

I tutor from my home, where I live with my wife. I live near the RAGEING CANES on Bardstown Road, near the Gene Snyder Freeway.

My hours are 10 AM to 9 PM every day of the week including weekends.

I am currently tutoring a 4th grade student from Goldssmith Elementary.

I am tutoring 2 High Schoolers in Chemistry from Eastern and Manual.
City:Oklahoma City

Rate:$45.00 per hour

Levels:Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ADD, Earth Science, English, Handwriting, History, Math, Reading, Special Needs

Description: All Special Education Categories; Math; Reading
Need a Tutor?
City:Elk Grove

Rate:$49/hour, discounts for multi hour packages

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ACT, ADD, AP, ASVAB, Algebra, American History, Anatomy, Anthropology, Arabic, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Composition, ESL, Earth Science, Economics, English, European History, GED, GMAT, GRE, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Grammar, Handwriting, LSAT, Learning Disability, Literature, MCAT, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Music History, Phonics, Physics, Physiology, Political Science, Reading, SAT, SSAT, Science, Sociology, Spanish, Special Needs, Spelling, State Test Preparation, Statistics, Study Skills, TOEFL, Technology, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, World History, Writing

Description: Club Z! In-Home Tutoring provides 1 on 1, In-home tutoring for grades K-12, and college students. We also offer a variety of other services including study skills training and SAT/ACT test prep courses. 

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring has served the Sacramento area since 2002, helping thousands of students improve grades and master a variety of subjects. If you need a qualified, educated and experienced tutor, fully background checked and professional, we can help!
Lykos World

Rate:$25/hr Depending on locality

Levels:Elementary, High School, Middle School

Subjects:ACT, ADD, AP, Algebra, American History, Anatomy, Archaeology, Astronomy, Baseball, Basketball, Biology, Botany, Career Development, Chemistry, Composition, Dyslexia, Earth Science, European History, Football, GED, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Grammar, Handwriting, History, Math, Physics, Physiology, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, Science, Spelling, Sports, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, World History, Zoology

Description: For over ten years we have been dedicated to reversing or preventing academic underachievement and improving athletic performance by following the ancient template of education. 

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The National Institutes for Health define Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as a “problem with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination…[that are] out of the normal range for a child’s age and development.”  The exact cause of the disorder is unknown, but approximately 3-5 percent of school-aged children are diagnosed with ADD, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Symptoms of ADD

Many of the symptoms associated with ADD are frequently attributed to normal childhood behavior.  As a result, it’s not unusual for the disorder to go undiagnosed for years.  While many children exhibit some or all of these symptoms from time to time, children with ADD exhibit these behaviors frequently, often on a daily basis, and in more than one setting (e.g. home, school, extracurricular activities, etc).  Below is a list of symptoms that are commonly associated with ADD:

  • Difficulty focusing or staying focused for extended periods of time
  • Difficulty following instructions and completing assigned tasks
  • Lack of organizational skills
  • Forgetfulness
  • Easily distracted.  Children with ADD often begin projects, but do not complete them
  • Inability to pay attention to details; make careless mistakes
  • Procrastination
  • Inability to keep up with conversations.  It is common for children with ADD not to listen to others and interrupt when someone else is speaking

Diagnosing ADD

Because many of the symptoms of ADD mimic those of other disorders, children who are suspected of suffering from ADD should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.  The child’s doctor will most likely ask parents and teachers to complete questionnaires to determine how many symptoms the child exhibits, when they began, how long they’ve lasted and whether or not the child exhibits them in multiple settings.  All of this information is critical to making a diagnosis of ADD.  The child’s doctor may also administer psychological testing to rule out other conditions and aid in the diagnosis. 

Treating ADD

Successfully treating ADD often requires a multi-faceted approach that includes a combination of medication and behavioral therapy.  In addition, parent and teacher involvement are critical to helping a child manage the disorder and succeed in school.  Even after a child is diagnosed, follow-up visits to the doctor are crucial for assessing the effectiveness of the child’s treatment.  These visits can help determine if modifications should be made to the treatment plan.

Because students who suffer from ADD often struggle in school, it is important that ADD be identified and treated as soon as possible.  Some techniques that may help a child manage the disorder, include:

  • Maintaining a regular routine.  Children with ADD benefit from consistency.
  • Limiting distractions 
  • Rewarding good behavior

In addition, many children benefit from working with an ADD tutor who can help them stay focused on their schoolwork and provide the one on one attention they need to succeed.